Get real life assisting and teaching experience at our studio and receive feedback and mentorship from our instructors.

After completing 200 hour training, we encourage our graduates looking for mentorship and a professional setting to implement their skills learned in training to join our 4 month internship.

Included in this internship is a 3 hour assisting/adjust workshop.

Internship options:

  1. Teaching and assisting
  • Teach 1 class per month
  • Assist 1 class per week
  • Attend 3 in studio classes per week

2. Assisting

  • Assist 1 class per week
  • Attend 3 in studio classes per week

*Internship open to students within 2 years of graduation from the 3b Yoga 200 hr. certification.

* Upon completion of internship, an advanced internship is available. Contact for inquiries.

Being a part of the internship program at 3B has completely changed my view and understanding of yoga. This experience has not only helped me become more prepared to share the message of yoga with others but has changed my own practice to where I feel more in tune to the mind and body connection and has helped me be able to push myself past old boundaries and beliefs. Right out of training I knew that I wanted and needed to take a closer look at how others experience the practice and how the magic of Ashtanga works for every body. Assisting in classes helped me to have a deeper understanding of how the body works and of what is happening in each pose. I have been able to watch others challenge themselves and work through difficult areas of the practice while also learning how to best help with those that may have injuries or even just helping a student go deeper or feel a pose a different way. Being a part of others’ journey through yoga has been both eye opening and priceless; I have truly learned new things each and every week as part of the internship.
– Lauren Barney