200 Hour Teacher Training

200 Hour Teacher Training

Utah’s longest running Yoga Alliance certified Yoga School & Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Studio, located in Provo, Utah. The 3B Yoga “Yoga Alliance Certified” teacher training program is a 200 hour practical, 4-week yoga immersion, designed to fine-tune and elevate your own practice and develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence to be come an effective and successful yoga teacher.

No experience or prerequisites required.

Intro to Ashtanga Yoga

  • History of Yoga & Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
  • Intro to the Eight Limbs
  • Intro to the Yoga Sutras


  • Names (Sanskrit and English)
  • Detailed instruction of standing, seated, and finishing asanas of the Short Primary Series
  • Practice and benefits of the asanas
  • Verbal and hands-on adjustments
  • Overview of Ashtanga Full Primary Series

Yoga Applications

  • Names and functions
  • Social psychology & positive thought
  • Yoga research and uses in health, therapy and medicine
  • Anatomy & physiology of Yoga

Becoming A Teacher

  • Principles of teaching
  • Etiquette/ responsibility in the classroom
  • Finding your own voice as a teacher, public speaking & language usage
  • Developing a personal teaching philosophy
  • Marketing yourself as a teacher

Fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga

  • Ujjayi Breath: theory and practice
  • Bandhas (Muscular engagement and energy locks)
  • Drishti (Eye gaze and focus)
  • Sun Salutations
  • Overview of Naulis & Chakras



San Francisco, CA

My experience in the teacher-training program at 3B was amazing. I was relatively new to yoga when I signed up for the training, and I must admit that I was a little hesitant — was I good enough at yoga to complete a teacher-training program? And how could I possibly teach a class to people who have been practicing longer than me? Those doubts disappeared from my very first moment in class. I was immediately impressed with the studio’s welcoming atmosphere and phenomenal teachers. There was no competitive edge or judgment. Quite the opposite: teachers and classmates alike were open, friendly, and ready to help. It was incredibly rewarding to practice and learn with such a supportive and fun group of people!

I very much enjoyed 3B’s holistic approach to teacher training. Each of our teachers brought a unique perspective to both yoga and teaching. We didn’t just focus on the “how” of being a yoga teacher — we explored the “what” and “why” as well. Topics ranged from the history of yoga and yogic texts to cutting edge physiological research and working with injured and disabled students. I enjoyed and learned much from our teachers and guest lecturers.

This approach helped me develop a well-rounded perspective on yoga and my role as a student and a teacher. I learned to broaden my practice physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The training’s emphasis on discovering what yoga and teaching mean to me personally helped me develop a confidence in myself and my practice that I did not know I was missing. These benefits extend far beyond the yoga studio and continue to have a positive impact on my life every day.

Greenville, SC

The first time I went to 3B Yoga, I felt like I had finally arrived home. The lack of judgment helped me to feel safe and to grow in my personal practice. When I decided to do the teacher training course, it was an obvious choice to do it at 3B. Through the daily meetings, classes and practices I learned not only how to teach yoga but so much about myself as an individual. Through my interactions with Amy and Monica during the training I feel I have been able to consistently become a better teacher, wife and friend.”

What an intense month! I had no idea how much I would have to stretch, both physically and mentally, during my teacher training. I had to let go of my preconceptions, my ego, my assumptions and allow myself to be open to the teachings I was learning. Amy and Monica are incredible teachers who share their love for yoga without abandon. I look up to them as my teachers and to be able to learn from them daily was such a treat. Though I’ve moved to the opposite side of the country, I think about my time, and the growth I experienced at 3B, almost daily.

Orem, UT

I began doing yoga at age 40 after my eighth child was born.  I was physically exhausted, emotionally drained, and completely depleted as a person. My baby was born in September and my husband bought me a yoga membership at 3B yoga for Christmas.  I went crying, weak, and shaky.  I was determined and for years, I practiced.  I eventually decided to do the yoga teacher training. I did my Yoga teacher training over 2 years ago.  My original intention at age 48 was to deepen my practice personal connection to yoga.  What I didn’t expect was to have such an intimate experience of growth personally, of the transformation of my own soul, and of my inner connection to health, wellness, and spirituality, or more specifically the mind, body, spirit connection.  Yoga has become a basis for my own personal wellness, so that I can show up for the many areas of my life as wife, mother, student, and teacher.

The yoga teacher training at 3B yoga was directed as a traditional Ashtanga Yoga training.   I am very grateful for the integrity of my training, the focus on traditional Ashtanga practice, the teachings of the Sutras, and the direction from Sri K Pattabhi Jois as taught be 3B.  This traditional foundation has provided me with a very strong, firm understanding of Yoga, and an opportunity to be trained properly.  I have learned about many other yoga practices over the years, but having the basic foundation in traditional Ashtanga has provided me with a great structure, and internal understanding of the trunk of the tree of yoga.

Since my yoga teacher training I have been offered many opportunities to teach yoga and see the miracle of healing that can occur to those who practice. I like to think of my self, not necessarily as a teacher, but as a  facilitator, giving people the opportunity to uncover the elements of mind, body, spirit connection that is always available through the yoga practice.  I have taught in the environment of recovery, and I have witnessed over and over clients saying to me, “I have never felt so good as I do after yoga, ever!”  I have watched 100’s of clients leave recovery with yoga as an intrinsic part of their treatment plan for health and wellness. I have taught at a fight gym, were many athletes come to yoga for health and wellness and healing.  I have incorporated the meditation practice as part of my yoga class, and the two yoga and meditation seem to go hand in hand in mind, body connection.

I look at my certification as a yoga instructor as a lifetime experience of learning, growing, and offering people the opportunity to uncover the debts of their own soul through movement and peace.  I continue to practice on a weekly basis.  Currently I am 51, I have 8 kids, and I am doing a Master’s program to be a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Professional. Yoga continues to be a central figure in the overall holistic wellness model for those searching for healing, as well as my own personal journey toward feeling great.  I have tremendous stamina, I work long days, and yoga helps me to be present, show up with the fullness of who I am, and offer my life over to assist and facilitate in the healing of others.